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October 2018


Presidential Message: October 2018
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      Message from the IACP Board


April 2020

We hope you are all safe and healthy. The ICCP planning committee and the IACP board are closely following the developing public health concerns posed by COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. We are in communication and developing contingency plans at present, and we will keep you informed of new developments as they occur. We are committed to the safety of all of our members and attendees.

The ICCP conference is scheduled to take place in the middle of June. As we all know, this situation is fluid, and our plans may change in a variety of ways. We will be sure to alert our members and attendees of any changes in schedule as soon as we are able. We are actively tracking daily developments concerning COVID-19, and we are meeting to discuss a variety of options, their costs and benefits, and what the potential impact on ICCP could be. We are following all updates from the various health organizations responsible for responding to the virus. These organizations include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We will be in communication with you as we continue to remain watchful of all updates regarding the virus, while remaining committed to providing a rewarding conference either in June or in the future.

The health and safety of our attendees remains our top priority. We will make whatever changes are needed, including implementing appropriate health and sanitary measures at our conference.

We will continue to provide updates as needed. and remain hopeful that we will be together when it is safe for all of us to do so.



The IACP Board